Bloom Where You’re Planted

“Bloom where you’re planted.  Serve where you are. Do the mundane thing. It may be mundane to you, but it’s certainly not mundane to God. Even if it’s something you don’t enjoy at the moment, rest assured, you probably will not be doing it the rest of your life. Be faithful in the little things. Be faithful in general. Stay committed.” 

 Christy Nockels, Living Proof Ministries Blog

The past few months I’ve been restless.  I know I’m where I’m supposed to be for this season in my life, with my kids, at home, but lately I’ve wanted more.  I’ve wanted to get more involved at church or some other ministry, but have been at a loss.  God has given me so much, I want to give back, I want to serve others who may not have been as blessed.  I don’t want to turn into the stereotypical suburban housewife, focused solely on keeping my house spotless (ha, that will NEVER happen) and what my kids are up to…not that those things are wrong.  But I can only post so many cute things my kids have done, or said, on Facebooik.  I feel like I’m not only called to be a devoted mom to Evan and Makenna and an encouraging (and slightly silly) wife to Ryan, but that I’m also meant to make a difference outside our four walls.

In the past, I used to be involved in youth ministry.  I have not only loved working with teenagers professionally, but also through my church.  But I don’t feel like I can make that kind of commitment (traditional youth ministry) in this season of my life, so I’ve felt a little bit lost trying to figure out how else I could help out.  I’ve been exploring my options, at our church and outside of our church, and have found a few non-traditional ways I could work with teenagers.  I had signed up to mentor a younger girl through a new ministry at church, but that opportunity fell through.  I had also reached out to two other unique teen ministries to see whether they needed someone to help out.  Neither opportunity went anywhere.  It has been frustrating.  I’m willing, why isn’t a door with teenagers opening?  

Then opportunities that haven’t necessarily lined up with my ideas for serving came up, such as working with little children at church.  I was asked, so despite my belief that it’s not an age group I’m good working with, I committed.  Another opportunity, one that I’m passionate about, having a Christmas store at the elementary school our church has “adopted,” came along.  So I’m going to do that too.  So, while the things I’m stepping into aren’t what I would have thought I’d be doing, it’s been good to get out, meet more people, and help others. 

God has also been challenging me to just BE and He will provide opportunities for me to get involved in peoples’ lives when and where they need something.  That’s hard for me.  I like to have an official assignment, a set time and place, but instead He’s reminding me that I need to be willing to be interrupted and put my own daily plans aside if need be. 

Last year when I had a health crisis, my mom, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, and a good friend were there for our little family, when we needed it most.  Whether it was one of them dropping everything so Ryan and I could dash off to the ER or organizing people to drop off meals for us, their willingness to be “interrupted” has been something that made a hard time in our lives much easier.  It’s something I’ll never forget and a quality I’d like to emulate. 

Maybe right now, in this season, God is asking me to be “interruptable.”  Is that a word?  You know what I mean. 

So what about you?  Are you “blooming where you’re planted”?  Are you willing to be interrupted? 

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  1. Tiffany

    Hmmm . . . excellent thought, that God may be calling you to be “interruptable.” That would be a gift . . . excited to hear what he throws at you!!


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