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Back to School Prayer (Prayer #20)

Okay, so I promised to post “Ways to Pray for Your Husband” but didn’t.  Don’t worry, I will next week.  This post seemed more appropriate for this week.

100_3391School has started again.  I was really emotional the first two times Evan went to preschool, but wasn’t this time around.  I am super thankful that his preschool class size is significantly smaller than last year.  Not as excited that the classroom is also smaller, but hey, focus on the positive, right?

As the school year resumes, here are two posts from bloggers I follow that I love.  The first one is a prayer for children as they return to school.  The second one is a talk to have with your children about having the right perspective about their peers and teachers.  About having compassion.  Compassion is one of the biggest things I hope Evan learns.  If he is the valedictorian but is unkind, ruthless, and heartless, I will have failed as a mom.  Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I have:

We Are That Family–A Prayer As My Children Return to School

“The Talk” by Glennon Melton–Instilling Compassion in Our Children

Ways to Pray for Yourself (Prayer #19)


So I’ve committed to writing once a week about praying for my children, but occasionally, I’ve diverted.  Today is going to be one of the diversions.  It’s a good one.  This is the second of a three part prayer resource given to me by my mother.  Last week’s was “Ways to Pray for Your Children” written up in a week format.  This week will be “Ways to Pray for Yourself,” again in a week format.  And next week’s?  It’ll be “Ways to Pray for Your Husband.”  Again, let me give a caveat—this handout my mom gave me did not credit whoever came up with it.  If you’ve stumbled across the same content elsewhere and know who put it together, let me know and I’ll add their information to these posts.

As we pray that God change our hearts, our thoughts, our motives and desires, we will become the parents He has us to be for His children.  Praying for ourselves isn’t selfish.  It isn’t self-absorbed.  It is THE WAY God works in our lives and, through us, in our children’s lives.  The only way I can be a grace-filled, patient, loving, and insightful mom is by Christ in me.  I can’t will it.  I can’t think it into being.  It can only come from Him and God works through prayer.  I want my children to be influenced more by my attitudes and behaviors than my lectures and intentional “teaching moments.”  I want my faith, my joy, and my integrity to be contagious.  Lord, change me!



1.) That my attitudes towards people and circumstances in my life would glorify God (Heb. 4:12).

2.) That my thought life would be honoring to God (Phil. 4:8).


3.) That I would fight selfishness in my life and work at serving the Lord in everything I do (I Sam. 12:20, 24; Eph. 6:7).

4.) That when I’m called to serve God in an area I feel weak in, I will step forward in faith because His power is perfected in my weaknesses (II Corin. 12:9-10).


5.) That I would learn true humility as modeled by Jesus (I Pet. 5:6; James 4:10; Eph. 4:2).

6.) That I would learn to hold my tongue more today and listen more to God and those around me (James 1:26).


7.) That I would truly and sincerely be contented with all that I have (Phil. 4:11, Heb. 13:5).

8.) That I would be more disciplined in my spending habits and be committed to not worrying about finances (Matt. 6:24, I Pet. 5:7).


9.) That I might be generous in my giving to others: time, money, gifts, abilities, and talents (Phil. 4:15, I Pet. 5:7).

10.) That my motives in all that I do might be pure, righteous, and holy (James 4:3, I Thess. 2:3, I Corin. 4:5, Prov. 16:2).


11.) That I will be honest and sincere with others, not hypocritical or fake (Mark 7:6-7).

12.) That I would work at building Christ-like qualities in my life, working hard not to boast, brag, or do anything to selfishly build myself up (Matt. 23:12, Luke 14:11, James 4:16).


13.) That my private life and daily decisions would reflect an obedience to Christ (I Pet. 1:14, II Corin. 2:9;10:5).

14.) That my emphasis would be on inner beauty and character instead of outward beauty (Prov. 31:30, I Pet. 3:4).


As you read through this week’s verses, what stuck out to you?  Two spoke to me right away.  That I would fight selfishness in my life and that I would hold my tongue and listen to God and others…

What would you add if you created your own list?


Understanding, the Way to Peace?

book_JesusCalling_MDHere’s another Jesus Calling devotional that spoke straight to my heart.  I had to learn this truth the hard way when we were going through all of Evan’s medical issues.  Researching things online only heightened my anxiety, it did not bring peace….How about you?

Understanding will never bring you Peace.  That’s why I have instructed you to trust in Me, not in your understanding.  Human beings have a voracious appetite for trying to figure things out, in order to gain a sense of mastery over their lives.  But the world presents you with an endless series of problems.  As soon as you master one set, another pops up to challenge you.  The relief you had anticipated is short-lived.  Soon your mind is gearing again: searching for understanding (mastery), instead of seeking Me (your Master).

The wisest of all men, Solomon, could never think his way through to Peace.  His vast understanding resulted in feelings of futility, rather than in fulfillment.  Finally, he lost his way and succumbed to the will of his wives by worshiping idols.

My Peace is not an elusive goal, hidden at the center of some complicated maze.  Actually, you are always enveloped in Peace, which is inherent in My Presence.  As you look to Me, you gain awareness of this precious Peace.

Proverbs 3:5-6, Romans 5:1, II Thessalonians 3:16

From Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

And Now From My Momma…(“Ways to Pray for Your Children” Prayer #18)

Mom and Evan having fun in the leaves….no, Evan wasn’t sleeping, the sun was bright, but my mom looked so beautiful here, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo!

Sorry, I haven’t been writing more often.  I know, I know,  there are some out there that have been waiting for the next posting with bated breath!!! Kidding.

The last two weeks have included a weekend retreat, my parents coming to town, and my blog getting moved from one location online to another one (a better one–like it?  I think I will once I get used to it).  So, with all of that and the fact that I’m writing reports for my part-time job, writing on the blog has been on the back burner lately.  So, here we go!  Let’s talk some more about praying for our children….

My mom is and has always been a prayer warrior.  Whenever I call her about something going on in my life or my children’s lives, the first thing she offers to do after listening to me is to pray.  So about a month ago, I asked her about her prayers for us when we were younger.  Specifically, I asked her if she remembered seeing certain prayers answered in her children’s lives.  Initially, she shared that she couldn’t remember specifics because raising five kids was kind of a blur now, but when she came out to visit this past week, she brought me something that she has used to pray for her children, her husband and herself.  I’m going to share a section of her prayer list for the next three weeks starting with what she’s prayed for her children. Unfortunately her list doesn’t have a reference of where it came from.  She thinks it was from a former pastor but wasn’t sure.  So if anyone knows where this is from, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  This is definitely I’m going to keep handy to use in my own prayer time!

As I’ve read through what my mom has used to pray for us over the years, I am struck by what is on this list.  I see different aspects of these prayers being fulfilled in the lives of me and my siblings.  The one that stuck out to me the most from my own life was #12.  I have truly seen hedges of protection in my relationships and in the places I’ve gone.  I do find it kind of funny that I’ve worked in high security correctional facilities and yet still clearly see the hedges.  I’ve been protected whether at college, traveling overseas, and in the correctional facilities!

Thanks Mom for praying!

Ways to Pray for Your Children


1.)    That they will know Christ as Savior early in life (Ps. 63:1, II Timothy 3:15).

2.)    That they will have a hatred for sin and evil (Ps. 97:10).


3.)    That they would be caught when guilty (Ps. 119:71).

4.)    That they would be protected from the evil one in each area of their lives…spiritual, emotional, physical, etc. (Luke 2:52).


5.)    That they will have a responsible attitude in all their interpersonal relationships (Dan. 6:3).

6.)    That they will respect those in authority over them (Rom. 13:1).


7.)    That they will desire the right kinds of friends and be protected from the wrong friends (Prov. 1:10-11).

8.)    That they will be kept from the wrong mate and saved for the right one (II Corin. 6:18-20).


9.)    That they, as well as those they marry, will be kept pure until marriage (I Cor. 6:18-20).

10.)    That they will learn to totally submit to God and actively resist Satan in all circumstances (James 4:7).


11.)   That they will be wholeheartedly sold out to serving Jesus Christ (Rom. 12:1-2).

12.)   That they will be hedged in so that they cannot find their way to wrong people or wrong places, and that the wrong people cannot find their way to them (Hos. 2:6).


13.)   That their children and grandchildren will know Christ as Savior and serve HIM with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength (Matt. 22:37-38).

14.)   That, when they leave home, it would be with an eternal perspective and Christ-like values and characteristics (Is. 40:8).


If you were to create a list similar to this, what verses or concepts would you include on your list?  Does a list like this that is divided up by days of the week work for you?  Would love to hear from you!