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Two Kids or More?

Ryan and I have started to explore how many kids we ultimately want to have. Will we stop with two or will we add one more to the mix? Only time will tell. Here’s something fun I came across regarding having one, two, and three kids…


First Child:

• Play classical music to soothe the baby.

• Sleep when the baby sleeps.

• Accept all offers of help from family.

• Establish regular naptime routine, with child in crib.

• Immediately wash and sterilize every single Binky, blankie, or stuffed animal that hits the floor.

• To create a cozy space, outfit nursery in a whimsical, everything-matches theme like Classic Pooh or Beatrix Potter.

• Potty train by 24 months.

• Wonder how you could love anyone else this much.

Second Child:

• Play classical music to soothe the baby.

• Sleep when the baby sleeps and while the toddler watches a video.

• Accept all offers of help from family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

• Let kids nap in their car seats while you’re running errands

• Scrape away the obvious dirt and give the item a quick tap-water rinse (or lick) before presenting to child.

• Scour resale shops for anything that looks clean.

• Barely potty train by preschool deadline.

• Amaze yourself that you’re able to love two this much.

Third Child:

• Buy an electric guitar, teach yourself chords from Pearl Jam songs, and drown out sound of siblings bickering.

• Sleep while nursing, sitting in the minivan at soccer practice as toddler watches videos on the portable DVD player.

• Offer your spare change jar to anyone on your block who’ll take your children so you can go to the bathroom alone.

• Move kids to couch or bed only when you notice they’re collapsed in exhaustion on the floor.

• Dirt? What dirt?

• Nursery, ha! The crib is going into a corner of your older daughter’s room, right under the Justin Timberlake posters.

• Notice that no one has touched the last three packages of Pull-Ups and realize that she must have potty trained herself.

• Worry that you’re capable of loving even more kids this much.

Copyrighted 2010 Bonnier Corp. 72893-nlpf. Creating Your Perfect Family Size by Alan Singer, PhD


Evan is quite the ham nowadays! He is learning new words daily and repeats much of what Ryan and I say. His favorite words lately are “broken,” “church,” and “horsey” (and of course like any two year old “no” and “why”). He adores his speech therapist, Erin, who is working on feeding issues with him. She comes weekly and Evan stands by the front window of our house and shrieks when she sees her vehicle pull up! She’s given us great suggestions for working with Evan’s eating issues and provides encouragement when we’re feeling like Evan will never grow. We’re very thankful for her. What is currently working in getting Evan to eat more is having special toys Evan can only play with during meal times, but only after he’s eaten a required amount of bites. His favorite “special toys” right now are a little toy that lights up and spins and a magnetic fish puzzle that he uses a little fishing pool to lift the pieces.

Evan remains 19 1/2 pounds, which he’s been for about six months now. Due to the plateau in his weight gain, the growth clinic at Children’s recommended a Swallow Evaluation. This took place yesterday. Basically its used to rule out that there is anything wrong with his swallowing, such as liquid going into his lungs instead of his stomach, causing discomfort and thus increasing his resistance to eating. The evaluation is done by putting barium in Evan’s food and liquid and then having him consume them while doing a video xray to see where the food and liquid go as he swallows. He did a great job during the procedure and no new issues were found.

On a positive note, he has taken small steps this past week with new foods. He’s fallen in love with noodles from chicken noodle soup (he still doesn’t like the chicken pieces in it) and little pieces of peaches. The peaches he wouldn’t touch without the incentive of playing with his “special toys” or being able to get down from his chair, but hey, whatever works!

More Pics of Makenna

Wow, this past month has flown by! Can’t believe that Makenna is already seven weeks old! She has proven to be a very laid back baby. Makenna rarely cries…when she does, it’s usually because she’s hungry or needs her diaper changed. We’re so thankful for her and the experience of an easy baby. Here are some pictures from the past month, enjoy!

Here’s Makenna enjoying her baby shower! Many people got to hold her and she slept through most of it! :)

Uncle Chad, a baby whisperer! Could Makenna be more relaxed?

Nana and Grandma Schubarth (along with Mom and Evan)

Grandma Jacobson, Great Aunt Arlene, and Great Grandpa Herbst

Ryan’s New Job

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.
~I Peter 5: 6-9

Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.
~Jeremiah 33:6

We haven’t written much lately about the employment situation. Last we left off, Ryan had a temporary job in Colorado Springs. During his six month stint, there was talk of hiring him on permanently so things were looking hopeful. But May arrived and instead of it leading to a permanent position, the company laid everyone off. It was really hard facing having Ryan being without a job again as we had just come out of a year of him not having a job AND because we had a baby on the way!

Facing renewed financial stress, I really struggled with fear and a sense of being overwhelmed with our circumstances. Although the situation was hard for Ryan too, he did not seem to be full of anxiety like I was. He, being the awesome father he is, instead focused on how cool it was going to be to meet our daughter soon. He also believed that God was going to provide something in the way of a job for him. Despite how sweet it was that he was excited and how he was trusting that God was going to provide for us, I had a hard time focusing on the positive. Instead I got stressed out. What was God’s plan for our family? How much longer would this season of uncertainty and stress last? Would our family weather this storm financially? My answers to these questions were not positive ones!

Then God challenged me. He reminded me that He has always provided for us, including the year of unemployment we had just gone through. Why do we so easily forget his provision and faithfulness? He also pointed out that I was ignoring how prayers had clearly been answered regarding our daughter’s growth and health. Why was I sitting and worrying about something I couldn’t control when I could be delighting in answered prayer! Why couldn’t I focus on the fact that I’d be meeting my daughter for the first time soon, who according to all our medical professionals was growing like a weed? God had answered prayer about a healthy pregnancy and a growing baby and I was too caught up in other worries to focus on that fact! I had a choice. I could focus on potentially scary circumstances or focus on what I had to be grateful for. I chose the later and from that point, I had peace. True peace. Peace despite not having answers to my worries. It was weird how all-encompassing the peace was too. Circumstances hadn’t changed at all, but my focus and perspective had.

Makenna was born while prayers for Ryan had not yet been answered but shortly after, he received an incredible job offer for a permanent engineering job in the Denver area (Makenna was born on a Tuesday, the job offer was extended the following Sunday—talk about amazing timing!). Ryan was able to secure a great job and still able to have two more weeks at home with his new daughter before starting work! How humbling it was to see how God orchestrated the timing perfectly.

Ryan’s been at his new job for several weeks now and is enjoying himself. I’ve been home with the kids and am having a blast. Life is good!