Monthly Archives: July 2011

Evan Meets Makenna

Evan came to meet his new sister at the hospital. Initially he wasn’t very interested in the new, squiggly addition to our family. He was more excited about opening and closing the doors and cabinets in the hospital room and LOVED playing with the curtain that provides privacy near the door.

Evan was asked if he wanted to touch Makenna’s hand and he shyly agreed. He did a GREAT job being gentle with her. Then after he had touched her, he made the sign language gesture for “more” so he could touch her again….so sweet!

Makenna Linnea Arrives!

Our daughter patiently waited until her scheduled c-section to officially join our family! The surgery went smoothly and Ryan even peered over the curtain this time and saw the c-section performed.

She weighed in at 7lbs, 2 oz. and is 19.5 inches long. We had hoped and prayed for her to be at least six pounds (double what Evan was at birth) so we were delighted when she was more than a pound over our hopes for her!

Makenna’s middle name was chosen to honor my mother, Corliss Linnea Merrick. She is the woman I look up to most in life, someone who has role modeled for me how to live and love to the fullest. If I am even half the mother and woman my mother has been, my family will be incredibly lucky. Ryan is one of my mother’s biggest fans! He eagerly counts the days before each of her visits. Sometimes I wonder who is more excited to see her: me, Ryan, or Evan!

Due to Evan’s unexpected, emergency arrival, my mom wasn’t able to be here with us at his birth. That was difficult both for me and for her. This time, my mother arrived several days before the scheduled c-section and because Makenna waited, my mom was able to be here the day of the birth. She has been such a blessing to us as we adjust from being a family of three to a family of four.

July 2011

We’re awaiting the arrival of our daughter on July 5th. Pregnancy has been a totally different experience this time around. No bed rest at 32 weeks and no delivery at 35. Carrying a bigger baby to term means experiencing all the interesting things that happen to a woman’s body towards the end! I never knew how big the uterus becomes and how squished all the other organs get! It is amazing how the human body does what it does automatically.

There have been questions as to whether this little one will wait until then or surprise us. As of the evening of July 3rd, she’s being patient. So will she be a fourth of July baby or will she wait until our scheduled time? Only time will tell!

The weather in the Denver area has been in the 90s the past few weeks. While I (Elyse) am avoiding the heat by hanging out in air conditioned buildings, Evan has been having a blast outside. Below are some photos (thanks Shannon) of Evan having fun with some water fountains today with Aunt Shannon, Nana, and Doug. If he could, Evan would play with water or in water 24/7. He absolutely LOVES it. We’ll need to get him into some swim lessons soon.

He continues to struggle with eating solid foods. We continue to work with a speech therapist who specializes in feeding issues but Evan has even her stumped. He is very interested in food and regularly asks for whatever Ryan and I are eating. He’ll chew it, but then “squirrels it” in his mouth and then later takes it out of his mouth. The next recommendation is for him to have a “swallow study” at Children’s. On a speech note, he is talking up a storm!