Monthly Archives: March 2011

Baby News

Well, our little baby cooperated yesterday and let us know that we’re having a baby GIRL! We’re so excited that Evan will have a baby sister! So far, so good on our little daughter’s growth and development at 24 weeks. Naming her though will prove to be a more difficult process than naming Evan. Ryan and I have totally different tastes in girl names.

We also learned how God protected Evan’s life from the very beginning. At our doctor appointment yesterday, our doctor reviewed the hospital records from Evan’s birth. During that review, we found out that when the doctors performed the emergency c-section on me, they discovered Evan with the umbilical cord wrapped TWICE around his body and ONCE around his neck.

I started to cry thinking about how close we came to possibly losing Evan or him having brain functioning issues due to a loss of oxygen. Neither happened. We are so thankful for our doctors’ wisdom and skill at managing such a high risk situation and ultimately for God preserving Evan’s life and functioning!