Monthly Archives: January 2011

Jacobson Family Update

Sorry for the lack of blog posts the past several months. We in the Jacobson household have been busy!

Ryan–was offered a six month contract position at a company in Colorado Springs. We’re so thankful that God has brought employment Ryan’s way in this tough economy.

Evan–he is one active little boy! He’s running, climbing, babbling and talking up a storm! Some of his new words are: “Thank you!”, “Oliver,” “Down,” “Baby”, and “Here ya go!” He also loves putting clothes on himself (and taking them off on some occasions). Toy and activity-wise, he loves rocking in his little rocking chair, playing with his toy kitchen, playing with the toddler-size toy car his Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson gave him (it actually “drives”), and enjoys helping us load the dryer and unload the dishwasher (we put the Jacobson young to work early!). He also spends his time climbing into boxes, closets, and our kitchen pantry!

Elyse–I’ve stayed busy at work and the same week Ryan was offered a job (back in November), we learned that I’m expecting. I’m currently twenty one weeks along and we’re excited for this new addition to our family! I’m due in mid-July and we hope to eventually find out the sex of this baby. We tried to find out on 2/18 but the little one didn’t cooperate. We’ll try again on 3/22.