Monthly Archives: October 2010

Fall 2010

Evan’s been busy this fall. At almost twenty months of age he’s a ball of energy! He currently has two favorite toys. One is a tunnel that he loves crawling through and pouncing on and the other is this jungle ball thing that has a plastic monkey, plastic elephant, and plastic bear. He adores the monkey! He loves to hug it, kiss it, and give it sips from his sippy cup.

In the past month he’s also started to walk and is climbing over everything! We’ll try to get a video clip on here soon. Tooth after tooth continue to come in.

Evan, Our Rambunctious Little Boy!

Evan is now nineteen months old. Boy has time flown by! It seems like yesterday he was a newborn baby, but now he’s turned into an active little boy. What’s he been up to? Here’s a few tidbits about life with Evan lately:

• Evan’s had to take medicine since he was born. For over a year, he’s done an amazing job of taking it, despite some of them not tasting good. Then a few months ago, he decided he was done. He started to refuse his medicine, squeezing his mouth closed as hard as he could. Nothing could get that mouth to open, his jaw was locked! Then a few nights later, we stumbled upon a unique solution…singing! Ryan and I were singing a song together that Evan likes and his mouth opened right up. We tried it again the next night and it worked again. Since then, we serenade our little boy each night!

• Evan’s been working on walking. He’s made a lot of progress, but is still not doing it consistently on his own yet. This past week, he decided to try getting around in a different way…so instead of focusing on walking, he’s started doing somersaults instead!

• Evan continues to struggle with gaining weight and eating solid foods. He has trouble with new textures and has a very sensitive gag reflex. Despite this, he’s fallen in love with guacamole! That makes us happy as it’s a high calorie food.

• Evan loves drinking water from his sippy cup. It can keep him content for hours and he loves scooting around on the floor with it in his mouth. Unfortunately we have to limit how much water he consumes as he’s supposed to only drink high calorie drinks (we can’t help but give him some since he enjoys it so much). Particular boy that he is, he does not like drinking Pediasure (his high calorie drink) out of his sippy cup!