Monthly Archives: April 2010

Living the Vida Loca!

In April 2010, we joined my family for a week in Mazatlan, Mexico! The trip was originally planned to celebrate my mother’s 60th birthday, but it worked out that it also fell between my birthday and Heidi’s birthday so our family had a lot to celebrate. We stayed at El Cid El Moro, pictured on the left, but we were on the fourth floor of one of their shorter buildings. We did venture up to the top floor of the hotel’s skyscraper to look out. It was breathtaking!

This trip was just another example of God’s provision for us during a difficult season in life. The Mexico sun melted away job search and weight gain worries. It was so great to get away, relax for a full week, and to laugh and play with family!

We took a Mazatlan City Tour which involved two jewelry stores, seeing the famed Mazatlan cliff diver, and the city’s cathedral. Ryan loved that we passed a Home Depot on the tour as well.

Ryan likes taking pictures with me and various doors. This one was at the Mazatlan Cathedral.

Evan had a blast in Mexico! He took daily walks on the beach with his Nana, hung out with his Grandpa Merrick, played in the pool, and spent lots of time with his Aunt Heidi and Aunt Shannon.