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Evan at Eight Months!

Evan’s started to sample some solids (rice cereal and sweet potatoes so far). He enjoys opening his mouth for each bite, like a baby bird, but ends up mostly moving the food around in his mouth, eventually expelling most of it onto his face or bib!

End of the Year Reflections

Ryan and I were blessed to attend Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs. This is where we met, where many of our close friends and family attend, and why we hope to someday to live in the Springs again! We haven’t found a church in Denver that compares to Vanguard.

I was really challenged by some of Pastor Kelly Williams recent words (quoted below) so I thought I’d add them to my blog. As this difficult year draws to an end, reflection is important. Where am I in my faith? How am I living out my relationships? How is my integrity and character?

“I don’t want us to become a grumbling people who only see the shortfall or the negative. Yes, it is there and yes it has to be addressed one way or another, but no, we don’t want to become an UNGRATEFUL people in the face of ADVERSITY. We want to be grateful and we want to be godly in the face of temptations.

I know in my own life God has been for some time purifying the brokenness of my life. Every year I live I see more of my brokenness and my deep need of Him. None of us can pull off this Christian life with perfection or fly solo through the challenges that await us each day. We need Him and we need each other. Here are some questions I am pondering as your pastor as we walk through this adverse time in our nation, city, and church:

• Am I more loving now than I was a year ago to my wife (husband), kids, friends, and those I lead (or work with)?

• Am I more committed to God’s calling on my life now than I was year ago given the adversity I have walked through this year?

• Am I more convinced of who God has made us to be in light of our present circumstances?

• Am I more godly than I was year ago in how I handle the temptations of my life?

• Am I more in love with God than I was a year ago?

Unless you deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Him, we can’t be His disciples. Who are we becoming due to our circumstances? Are we becoming his BETTER disciples or BITTER disciples? Who determines that? We do, regardless of our circumstances. May God give us the grace to BE who He has made us to be regardless of what is going on around us. –Pastor Kelly Williams, 10/28/09”

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