Monthly Archives: September 2009

Evan’s First Few Months

Evan spending some time with his dad and dogs!
Evan and his mom take a much needed nap
One of Evan’s unhappy moments : (

The first few months of Evan’s life were pretty difficult.  Our little son struggled with acid reflux, dairy protein issues, and had two hernia surgeries. 

His mom and dad treasured times when Evan felt good and was not crying!

Evan–Our Little Bean Burrito

                   Evan loved trying new gestures with his hands!

          Even at a young age, pondering mechanical engineering basics

Evan loved being swaddled and due to being in this state much of the time when his Aunt Heidi visited, he earned a nickname from her “Little Bean Burrito”!

Settling Into the NICU

The white blanket was the size of a washcloth!
Due to how small he was and the fact that he came five weeks early, Evan was admitted into the NICU.  He stayed there for three weeks.  We were blessed that he did not require a lot of tubes and medical intervention–he breathed on his own, quickly learned to bottle feed (rather than requiring tube feedings), and GREW, GREW, GREW!

Added in 2013: By far, the best posting I’ve read about being a NICU parent is by my friend Holly Baumann Ambuehl.  Great resource for parents going through a NICU experience but also for those post-NICU as it takes some time to process through all the thoughts and feelings.  How I Coped with 62 Days in the NICU by Holly Ambuehl